Rhoda “Rhoday” Price

In part, Mercer Family Research by Don Mercer, 1985:

About 1800 the widow and children of Shadrach Mercer moved from Greene County, North Carolina to Madison County, Kentucky. Source of information-D.A.R. Magazine Vol. #70 page 878.

She was married three times. Her second husband was John W. Folks and her third husband was Jephania Harrison.

Rhoda Price Mercer, the widow of Shadrach, married the widower John W. Folks of Greene County, North Carolina; he is found there in the 1800 Census.

Rhoda and John Folks left North Carolina some time after 1800 and settled in Madison County, Kentucky. Most of Rhoda and Shadrach’s children went with them. David Mercer appears on the 1810/11 tax lists in Madison County, Hosea and Martin in 1813 and Silas in 1814. These dates coincide fairly well with the sons reaching their 21st birthdays (the point at which they were eligible to pay taxes). Martin Mercer is an exception, he apparently lived for a while in Tennessee before joining his mother in Madison County.

Hosea Mercer remained in Madison County and appears on the 1820 and 1830 census records there. The remainder of the family moved to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, in late 1817 or early 1818.

The children of Rhoda and Shadrach are proven by the following documents. The first is from Muhlenberg County Court Minutes, Book 2A, p.336, July 1820:

“On motion of Isiah Vick it is ordered that a dedimus be awarded to John S. Eaves and Edmund Watkins, Esquires for purpose of taking the privy examination of Rhody Vick and Susannah Vick, heirs of Shadrach, deceased, to certain instruments of writing therein expressed and report thereof accordingly.”

Book 2A, page 264 of the Muhlenberg County Court Minutes, dated 1820, refers to a “report of a commission to take the acknowledgement of David Mercer and others from them to David Sarborough…” This relates to the following minutes taken from the same book, page 365, dated October 2, 1820:

“Report of acknowledgement of a conveyance from Shadrach Mercer’s heirs to David Sarborough.”

A final document is taken from Muhlenberg County Deed Book 6, page 277, dated March 4, 1826: ” indenture between Rhoda Folks, part of the first-part and Stephen Vick (her son-in-law) and heirs of Dorcas Moore, late Dorcas Mercer, Rhoda Vick, Elizabeth Martin, wife of Samuel Martin. The said Rhoda Folks for love and Affection she bears her children and grandsons convey title of her dower to 100 acres of land patented to John Folks, my late husband, also 1 sorrel mare now in possession of my son David Mercer-all to be equally divided among my children and grandchildren-estate to be settled in fall.”

Rhoda Mercer Folks completed the above settlement of her property prior to her third marriage to Zephania Harrison in Muhlenberg County on March 30, 1826 (Muhlenberg County Marriage Book #1, p .65, Certificate #764).


John Absalom Price

Absalom Price – Last Will and Testament (Supreme Court Case #2207, North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina)

In the name of God Amen, I Absalom Price of the State of North Carolina and the County Greene, being very weak in body but of Sound mind & memory do make this Intrument of writing to contain my last will and Testament and as to Such wordly goods as my Blessed God, hath given me in this life, I do give and dispose of them in the following manner to wit first all of I bequeath to my well beloved wife Elizabeth one Negro Boy named Tom, one Sorrel Mare and both Bridle and Saddle one half of my Cattle hoggs and Sheep one Feather Bed and furniture all the Pewter and Earthen and glass ware about my House one Case and 12 Bottles three chairs two hoes one club ax two plos half of my cider cashs ?? one chest

(Secondly) I lend to her during her life or widowhood the upper part of my plantation from the Barrs next to the Swamp as the path runs to the wood the House wherein I Now live with the Shead joining it and piaza and my corn crib one Negro woman Named rose, half the produce of my old orchard and the Mill to grind it in and my Still to distill it in and I also lend her the Bed and furniture whereon I commonly lie during the above Term

Item. I lend my Daughter Rhoday Folkes during her natural Life one negro woman Named Penelope with her Increse and one ngro boy called Cylas and my desire is that after the Death of my daughter Rhoday that the said above lent Negros be Equally divided between the children that my Said Daughter now has or may have hereafter then after the Death or marriage of my wife, I give to my Daughter Rhoday the bed which I lent to my wife

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son Enoch one fourth part of my waring aparrell and ninty nine Dollars when Collected from Joshua Thigpen Junr

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son Thomas one Negro boy named Mingo and one fourth part of my wearing aparrel

Item. I give and Bequeath to my son William what money is due me from Isaac Minshew Junr when Jacob Minshew is paid for the bay Mare I bought of him. I also give him the Mare and the cow and yearling I bought of David Peelle and one fourth part of my cloathing and the Plantation where on he now lives bounded by the Mill pond, the old Road and a fence leading to a Branch issusing ??? out of the Bell Branch part of the Mill pond and one fourth part of my Piny wood land

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son Absolom the Plantation I now live on with all the land joining it which is not already Devided and one fourth part of my piny woods land one half of Cattle hoggs and Sheep one two year old horse called March, one Negro girl named Free Love and her increase and my still one half of the cyder cash and hoggs sheads and my tools of Every kind and all the axes hoes and plows which I have not give to my wife my Cyder Mill and Barn and the addetion Standing at the northwest end of my House with the plank belonging to it and one Chest the Round Table Bofet and hand mill after the death or marriage of my wife I also give him my Iron wedges and Frow my Loom and Slays and hernesses and pot Iron may be used by my wife and Son as need my Son??. Require, my desire is that a wolling wheel be purchased out of my estate for my Son Absalom and my woolen wheel and linnen Ditto I give to my wife and Cards

And my desire is that after the death or marriage of my wife my Negro woman Rose and her Increase which is not yet Disposed of be Equally divided between my four Sons Enoch Thomas William and Absalom, my desire is that my Son Absalom have my Saddle and bridle and lastly, I nominate my two Sons Thomas and Absalom Executors to this my last will and Testament dis anuloing any and all other wills by me made.

Ratifying and Confirming this and this only to be my last will and Testament in Testimony whereof I hereunto have Set my Seal affixed this nineteenth day of October 1801

Signed Sealed published and declared by the testator to be his last will Testament Absalom Price In presence of Sam Speight Junr Arthur Speight

State of North Carolina Greene County Feby Term 1802 Then was the within Last will & Testament of Absalom Price Senr Exhibited into Court & proved by Samuel Speight Junr & Arthur Speight the two Subscribing witnesses whereto ordered to be Recorded & letters Testamentory issued J Hooker, CC

True Copy made 10 Feb 1812 J. Hooker, CC

Transcribed by Martha Mewborn Marble from a copy of the original will found in Supreme Court Case #2207, North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC.   (@USGenWeb, 2005 …hca)