Hampton Descendants

Letter from Ann Hampton

“For Z – Letter from Ann Hampton”

Originally hand copied by Phyllis Francis in 1956 from Mary “Ann” (Blythe) Hampton’s letter saved in an Ellis family bible, dated August 1835; received January 9, 2003 from Francis, (supercabf150@…).

Letter dated August 1835

Dearest Nancy

Hope and I are doing fine since the crops are coming along and it looks like a good harvest for us this year.

We have harvested our little girl and the boys are very happy to have a new little sister. Mary Elizabeth was born July 28th and was 7 pounds on the potato scale. She looks a lot like mother, but Hope says she looks like Thomas Jefferson. Our mare had her foal on the same day a little filly that looks like the sire, good strong chest and withers. Hope had to have the mare shoed again after the split hoof healed up.

We were delighted to hear of your coming trip this way and hope you will be able to spend the summer with us. Your baby should be coming in October and I know that John wants another boy. Glad to hear that it is going well with you and that your crops are good also.

Hope dug another well close to the house and is busy putting on another room. He sanded and painted the baby bed and did it up real nice for the new baby. He is working on the barn and making room for the mules he bought last week.

The boys are doing fine, Harve brought home a case of chicken pox and lice, but it is all done and gone now. All the boys got it and now we hear that measles is going around. We are keeping them close to home until school time and we are praying that it will skip us. They are starting to help around the place and that takes some work off of Hope.

Uncle Jim just christened Mary Elizabeth and it is time for him to go back to Abbeyville, so I will end this now with love to you and your family.

In faith in the lord,

Ann H

“The envelope was addressed to Nancy Ellis, Ellis Farm, Abbeyville, South Carolina and came from Ann Hampton. Uncle Jim could possibly be James Ellis who was a preacher in South Carolina.” –Phyllis Francis

“Z”  a/k/a Andurzen – Harriet C. Anderson