Nancy (said Barnes) Blythe

A New Description of Carolina (1676)

MISC. TEST. P. 1639-1640 – No. 222 – James Lewis McDonald
“I cannot say what year Nancy Blythe was born. I think she was born at a place called Old Choy Fields, N. C. I do not know near what town or in what county this was.”

Documenting the American South
George Higby Throop, 1818-1896 (pseud. Gregory Seaworthy)

Bertie: or, Life in the Old Field. A Humorous Novel.
Philadelphia: A. Hart, 1851.


Jonathan Blythe

1. JONATHAN BLYTHE was born Abt. 1772 (Bet. 1765 – 1774) in North Carolina, and died Bet. 1863 – 1865 in probably Cherokee County, North Carolina. He married (1) ANNIE (NANCY) Barnes UNKNOWN Abt. 1785 in probably North or South Carolina, daughter of UNKNOWN. She died Bet. 1837 – 1840 in probably Cherokee County, North Carolina. He married (2) QUATSIE LITTLEDOG BROWN Abt. 1805. She was born in Cherokee Indian Lands, and died Abt. 1838. He married (3) MELINDAH THOMPSON April 15, 1849 in Rabun County, Georgia. She was born Abt. 1827 in North Carolina . . .

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Name 2: Johnathan Blythe
Occupations : Land Surveyor, Frontiersman . . .
Home in 1780: Bertie County, North Carolina
Home in 1790: Ninty-Sixth District, Greenville , South Carolina.
Home in 1800: Pendleton District, South Carolina.
Home in 1810: Pendleton District, South Carolina.
Home in 1820: Jonathan Blythe, resident, Section 10. First Settlers of Old Macon County, NC; Surveyor notes on those occupying land or having improvements in Spring 1820.
Home in 1850: Militia District 636, Rabun County, Georgia.
Possible Death Location: MISC. TEST. P. 1636 – Witness relative App:. No. 222, Blythe. App. 5416. John McDonald: “I knew my great-grandfather Johnathan Blythe And helped take care of him. He was a very old man at the time of the war.” SIGNED: John McDonald, July 15, 1908 (Lifelong resident of Cherokee County, North Carolina).

Excerpt: “Cherokee Claims at Easteroy (Present Dillard Georgia)” with eight exhibits John T. Coleman of Marietta, Georgia (Source: Volume 7, Articles, Page 2, Cherokee Claims at Easteroy; Published by the Dillard Family Association, January 2000.)

“Jonathan Blythe: He gave two sworn statements in support of Little Betty. Note: A white man was married to a Cherokee woman named Nancy or Annie. He lived among the whites in Pendleton District, South Carolina (1810 census); Haywood County, North Carolina (1820 census); Macon County, North Carolina (1830 census), Cherokee County, North Carolina (1840 census); and in Rabun County, Georgia (1850 census). Nancy and a child were on the Cherokee Roll of 1835. White husbands were not included on Cherokee Rolls. Shown on Shooting Creek along with Dick Downing and others, Nancy either died or went to Oklahoma. Jonathan Blythe married Malinda Thompson in Rabun County in April, 1849. In 1906 two hundred twenty one claimants made claim for Cherokee benefits as descendants of Jonathan and Nancy Blythe. “ /end excerpt.

Jonathan Blythe – Pendleton, SC – 1810
2 males under 10 – 1 male 26 thur 44 – 4 females under 10 – 1 female 10 thur 15 – 1 female 16 thur 25 – 1 female 26 thur 44

Jonathan BLY – Haywood, NC – 1820
1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 45-up – 1 female 10-16, 1 female 45-up

Also in Haywood, North Carolina – 1820

  • Welch, John — 000100-10010-0100-1000-2100-0000-0000
  • McDaniel, [Anguus?] — 100100-10010-0100

[ US 1830: Blythe=65, Blyth=10, Bleythe=1, Blithe=22, Blith=4, Bly=70 (many in NY), Bley=0 ]
I cannot find Jonathan but I think Annie may be living with her daughter: Mary Ann (Blythe), and her son in-law, George Washington Hampton, 1830, Macon Co., North Carolina.

1830 – At least three children of Jonathan and Annie Blythe’s are living in close proximity of each other.

  1. Samuel DeArman –
  2. Wm Wall 1830 – GA – Rebun Co., Unk. Twp.
  3. John Welch –
  4. Jonathan Parker – 1830 – NC – Macon Co., Unk. Twp.
  5. Sarah Mc Daniel – 1830 – NC – Macon Co., Unk. Twp.
  6. James Bleythe – 1830 – NC – Buncombe Co., Unk. Twp. /?/
  7. George W. Hampton – 1830 – NC – Macon Co., Unk. Twp.

In Pendleton Co., South Carolina per the 1800 US Census there is a Jonathan Blythe listed. There is a male in the house of 16 and under 20 yrs. old. Four females under 10 yrs. old. Both adults are between 26 & 45 yrs. old. The younger male had to have been born bet. 1780-1786. Both adults b. bet. 1755 – 1774.

1810 – Pendleton Co., South Carolina: By 1810 the older male, and one female (most likely Sasa) have moved out, married or whatever (they have left the building). We still have 4 females under 10 yrs. old, plus one female bet. 10-15, and a teenager/young woman between 16-25. Both adults have aged 10 yrs.

Four new additions: 2 males – 2 females. In 1850 Leona is 53 yrs. old, in 1860 she is 62; in 1850 Elizabeth is 42, and in 1860 Elizabeth is listed as 53 years old. Rebecca could be the female bet. 16-25; Leona bet. 10 and 15; Elizabeth, Sally and (Nancy?) and Mary Ann under ten. One of the young males would be James Blythe aka: James Bleythe, James Bly, James Blye.

Who is the oldest male of 16 and under 20 yrs. old?
Who is the other young male, under ten?
Did Jonathan have sons named Thomas and Jonathan?
Did Joanthan have a son named William?

Quote from the Blythe Book: “Parentage of William Information available to the author from scattered county records, bible records, marriage records, land and tax records were also inadequate in supporting definite documentation of parentage. The most likely parentage is that William Blythe is the son of John Blythe (born between 1755 and 1774) and thus a grandson of William Blythe of Greenville, SC. The year of birth for William Blythe of Blythe’s Ferry (1790 per 1850 McDonald Co, Mo census) makes it feasible he was a son of John Blythe and Martha as having a male born between 1790 and 1800. William BLythe and his wife Nancy Fields named a son James Chastain Blythe. The author suspects the name Chastain came from Williams mothers maiden name, Martha Chastain Blythe. The names of the children of William and Nancy Blythe are very similar to the names of John and Martha Blythe’s children (who also lived in Rhea Co, TN). The common names in these two families include William, John, Martha, Elijah, Elizabeth,Sarah, Nancy and Mary. It would appear William was repeating the use of family names.”

Jonathan Blythe, born probably in North Carolina. Son of William Blythe of Bertie County, North Carolina and Greenville County Dist., South Carolina.

  1. Unknown Male, born bet. 1780-1786.
  2. Anastasia Stacy “Sasa” Blythe, born ca 1790
  3. Rebecca Blythe, born bet. 1790-1795
  4. Leona “Onie” Blythe, born 179?
  5. Sarah “Sally” Blythe, born 179?
  6. Elizabeth “Betty” Blythe, born 1795
  7. James Blythe, born 1804
  8. Unknown female /Nancy?/ Blythe, born bet. 1800-1810
  9. Unknown Male Blythe, born bet.1804-1810
  10. Mary Ann Blythe, born July 28, 1808.

*First Settlers of Old Macon County, NC
Surveyor notes on those occupying land or having improvements in Spring 1820

District 5

  • occupied by Edward Chastain, Section 2

District 6

  • improvement and occupied by John Chastain, Section 6

District 9

  • improvement and occupied by Jonathan Blyth, Section 2
  • improvement and occupied by an Indian ____?, Section 13

District 10

  • Jonathan Blythe, resident, Section 10
  • on which Jonathan Blythe has a mill, Section 12
  • including a small Indian improvement, Section 47
  • 15 or 20 acres improved by the Indians, Section 54

District 11

  • James Hughes, Section 18

District 15

  • Occupied by John Wayne an Indian and cultivated by John Strandridge, Section 6
  • George Hughs, Section 69
  • John Standridge or Standage, Section 81
  • Wm. John Standridge’s son, Section 85
  • Improved by an Indian and Cultivated by John Standridge, Section 88
  • Wm. John Standridge son, Section 96

District 16

  • Including George Hughses improvement, Section 1
  • including Welshes field, Section 48
  • including Welshes house, Section 49

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